Can I drive a 7.5t Horse Lorry?

Can I drive a 7.5t Horse Lorry?

The answer to this lays in the exact weight of the Horse Lorry itself, because you can have a 7.5t Horse Lorry and a HGV Horse Lorry. Below we separate out the two.

7.5t Horse Lorry – LGV C1 License
The DVLA states that if the combined MAM is between 3.5t and 7.5t and you passed your test after 01/01/97 then you are legally required to have a LGV C1 License.

If you’ve passed your test before 01/01/97 then you don’t need the license as you qualify for “grandfather rights”.

HGV Horse Lorry – LGV C+E License
These are typically lorries that weigh over 7.5t. The DVLA states that there are no exemptions here and you will need to qualify for this license.

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